The Cupar Province League is played throughout the curling season between September and April and is played between all 12 clubs within the Province. 

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Teams  teams will consist of 4 players, "multi-club" players shall only play for one club during the season

Incomplete Teams Play may commence with three players in a team.  A penalty shot shall be added to the score of the non-offending team at five minute intervals until the fourth player takes the ice, up to a maximum of six shots.  The result of the game shall stand.

Score Cards Score cards must be properly completed and signed by both skips.  The penalty for non-compliance is disqualification. The non-offending rink shall be awarded the game.

The score shall be recorded as 6 – 0 in favour of the non-offending side.

Where a victory by the non-offending side exceeds 6 shots, then the score shall be recorded as the difference in shots against zero.

In the event of both teams failing to complete the score card properly, both teams shall be awarded zero points and have 6 shots deducted from their league score.

Completed score cards should be left at the end of the rink for collection by the ice rink personnel.

Re-arranged Fixtures The Province Secretary must be informed of the date and time of re-arranged fixtures.  A club cancelling a game will be held responsible for rearranging the fixture.  Failure to complete the fixture by the last round of the league programme will result in 2 points and 6 shots being awarded to the non-offending club.

N.B. Dewar’s Rinks will not accept cancellation of ice after bookings have been confirmed at the beginning of the season.

N.B. Changes in fixture dates should only be sought in exceptional circumstances.

General Subject to the above, the league will be run according to R.C.C.C. Rules.